Thursday, March 11, 2010

49 Feet

I am so stoked tonight. We finally have a well! The pump will be installed in the morning, and water will flow! Who could have imagined the struggle for a 49 foot deep well? That's normally a couple hour job for me. My dad said it was the most difficult 50' deep well he has drilled in his life! Beth said earlier today, "it must be these wells are really important, because they have been so difficult to get done!" She is right, but by God's grace we will succeed! I am ordering the 500 gallon tank on Monday so it will be at the property when we arrive. I can hardly wait to see those jugs of the mountain people filling with fresh water at the wall of our property. Jesus said just a "cup of cold water" in His name, just a simple thing, but what a difference it can make. After the pump is set in the morning, they are moving the rig and commencing work on the 4" well. Pray everything goes as smoothly as it can in Haiti. They will be starting all new with nothing in the ground to fight them like the well they are just finishing. But they are working with more of the new tooling Dad designed before he went in, so pray it all works like it should. They probably won't quite finish this last well before they return, but they should get a really good start, and we should be able to finish it within a short period of time. Thanks again for all the prayers, stay tuned for pictures and more info as we press forward in our Haiti Chronicles! Blessings to all!

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