Saturday, March 6, 2010


Amazing news! The rig is now sitting on the CCC property in St. Marc. My dad called today the longest 12 hours of his life. The journey was filled with harrowing experiences and lots of drama, but as someone has well said, "It's Haiti!" We did not get the 4" casing yet, they could not locate it, but they could not have taken it as it turns out anyway because it would have been too much for the truck. As it was, the wheels were an 8 lug nut configuration,... and you guessed it, each only had four lugs per tire! We think we have trucking problems in our country. When they finally arrived at the property at around 7:30 Steve declared there were 8000 people waiting. The truck did not have enough power to back the rig up onto the property, so they used Haitian power! Steve said he didn't think there was a square inch of the rig that wasn't covered by the hand of a Haitian. They are pumped and so are we. The guys are very tired and thankful for all the prayers. My dad said that we needed to thank all who prayed today. He said it was a small miracle that they made it. They were in an accident on the first hill they hit this morning. They had to be towed up all the mountain climbs, and the driver just was not experienced in hauling equipment. Guess you could say he got an intensive hands on today! Dad says the drilling is now going to be the easy part. The missing bags are supposedly in PAP and Rob and Steve will go early Monday to get them. I should have some pictures to post tomorrow. We packed with the team today for the trip coming up the end of March and did very well. We are so grateful for this opportunity to bring whatever hope we can to these struggling people. They deserve hope, love, support, compassion, deliverance. We are blessed to be a small part of a very great mission to change this nation! Blessings always.

P.S. There weren't really 8000 Haitians, but in the dark, and when you need help, it can sure seem that way! They are eager to help and there were many, many there!

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