Friday, March 5, 2010


Wow, much is happening! All of your support is opening doors, and spreading opportunity! As of this morning, two of our family are heading from Miami to Haiti to act on a miracle that has been unfolding. My father built up a drilling rig about 3 years ago that was sent to Haiti to drill a well for an island of the southern coast of Haiti. They have not been to get the rig there, and they could not find a driller who knew the style of drilling for this rig. The earth quake caused us to seek these people out to make sure they were okay and allowed us to discover this information. This rig has been setting in a warehouse for all this time unused. They are letting us tool this rig and do some drilling with it. I can't take the time right now to give you all the details of what this will allow in our mission to bring fresh water to our Haiti family and beyond, but suffice it to say, it holds a great God promise! To the issue at hand, please pray as the guys have to get the rig from southern Haiti up to St. Marc over the weekend. Specifically they will be pulling the rig some 130 miles tomorrow. That may not seem like much, and in our country it's no big deal. It would be a couple hours of time, in Haiti... well... we'll leave it at that! Also pray as they go through customs that they get through without hassle. They have a lot of ground to cover today, so we are praying that they pass through the airport quickly, and without great cost. If everything goes according to plan, there will be a 2" well and a 4" well drilled next week, and when our next team goes in March 23rd, we will be setting up a tank and distribution system at the property for the mountian people that will provide them with free fresh drinking water! We are very grateful to God for this opportunity, but also know how difficult any of this task can be because of the location of our labors. Pray for success today, that all difficulties will be overcome, and that success is granted! We are counting on your support! Blessing always!

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