Thursday, March 25, 2010


The final moments of the day are once again on me. I have just finished reading the blogs and comments to the team and prayed. I was about to lie down on my mattress when a sound fell upon my ears. The victims in the next tent over were singing. They have been working in the mountain all day today and have come to their interim home for a few hours of rest before heading back out. Now they sing and pray. I cannot understand their words, but I can hear the urgency, the desperation, the need for deliverance. Were I in their circumstances what would I be doing? Begging God or blaming Him? Could I sing, or would I scream? I admire these people for doing something. Not sitting, not complaining, but courageously and diligently marching forward in faith. Being on this end of the disaster, there is so much to be frustrated about, and I think there is some, but certainly not on the nationwide scale it could be. As I have already stated, the size of this catastrophe cannot be imagined. Most of these people’s lives have been altered for their lifetimes. From lost homes, to lost relation, to lost health, to lost limb. It makes 911 look like a tiny dot on the radar screen of disasters. How many months did it take us to clean that up? This was a city of 3 million, certainly not earthquake resistant. Now it’s a pile of rubble…concrete rubble. But they sing, and they pray. I don’t know what battles you may be facing tonight, I have a few of my own, but these great people stir my perspective, clear the lenses of my heart, and give me a new appreciation for what I possess. Jake, thanks for the reminder again, we must persevere, let these dear people lead the way. Blessing from under a tent tonight!


Jake T said...

He gives us living water and we thirst no more! What encouraging news that the 2" well is up and running, I will be praying that things go well with the 4". Thought about you guys a lot yesterday, it was very chilly here, about 30 degrees. Everytime I got cold on Lyle's roof I would think of how you all were probably sweating and working twice as hard as I was, "don't tell Lyle lol". James 1:27
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
Keep up all the good work, Love you all. Jake T

Heather Sandova said...

Sounds like an amazing experience. I wonder how I would feel under those circumstances would I be singing? They sound like wonderful people. God bless all of you. Niche, I can't wait to hear all about your trip and I love you,G, and Devante!

Jayde_n_Jake's_ma said...

Sounds like an amazing experience! God bless you all! Niche,Germaine, and Devante I cant wait to hear all about your trip I love you.

Gallo Family said...

What amazing things you are witnessing.... always does remind us to be thankful for EVERYTHING we have! Cherish the moments we are in at all times..... good and bad... Jim and I both often talk about missing the singing! I can't wait to hear about the victims. We were laughing last night of the sight of trying to keep people off Dad's freshly painted walls at the church... we know how hard it was when he painted the porch at Robinson's house :) I'm sure George is so excited about all the amazing things getting done at the church... let alone Rob and the rest of the church! Doyle do me a favor...... Please have someone with a camera get a really good picture of a bunch on Haitians in front of the church tent and the sign for the church..... I have a vision for flyers for the ride we are planning! By the way.... the word is really getting out across many churches already! I'm trusting God is going to make this an AMAZING event!!!!!:) Some of you can be in the picture too :) I'm sure you got alot done today! We are going to pick Deloris up and take her with us to Kelly Kings tonight... and the Haiti party dinner! We'll miss you, but you'll all be OK :) I'm sure you won't be too sad that you'll be missing it :) I wanted to get a post out to ya before the night got too busy and you already pick them up..... maybe I'll just send you 2 today! :) Jim's funny, he waits up to read the blog..... then he's so excited about what is going on.... he can't sleep.... so he wakes me up to show me the blog :) We are there in heart with you all.... but we are all doing well here! I was so happy to hear you were able to spend some time with Robbins! I'm sure it was not an easy thing... but again comforting to both you guys and him! What an amazing man he is! I'm praying for you all! I hope you have had a successful day! It's already Friday, can you believe it! Well I suppose, I'll let you move onto the next post! I love you guys all..... but I will say I'm excited for you to be home.... I miss you guys.... I can't pick up the phone and chat.. Oh yeah, Dad.... Kristi was talking to Jim today and asked about you and Jim mentioned the blog.... so I had to call your office and give them the Blog.... Just so you know.... they may be following you now! :) I love you Dad and Miss ya...

Michelle Cary said...

Hello everyone! Its a bunch of us here from Kelly king's Haiti party!!!! We are missin you and prayin for you often. Darlene is waiting for all you to walk through the door to join us LOL.
We have 15 adults, and 7 kids joined here together tonight. We have been looking through a lot of Haiti pics. John is glad to hear that Devante is playing soccer with the hatian children.
Let kelly know that we had some snow flurries yesterday!
Brandon says hi, and to tell germaine he is waiting for a game of golf. (Also let him know he is watching fox sports detroit right now Lol)
I (michelle) just miss all of you. Tell Niche my other half is missing.
Well that about sums it up for right now. We love you guys very much. May God be with you on this wonderful Journey. PS We want some pictures!! Especially of Niche.

Linda said...

from Linda, So glad to hear the water is flowing like mad. What we so take for granted. I have been very concious of the water I use. I don't want to waste it either. I am so glad you all made it all safe and sound. The trip must of been long and tiring.
Ray I got a call from Andy and he is now in Kewait. He said there is sand and sand and more sand. Oh and rocks too. He is getting all regestered and signed in. All the stuff you would know going to a foreign country while in the service. He sounded good and tired. He will be getting to his final destination soon. He is anxious to get settled. He won't have internet till he pays for it.
I was happy to hear from him. Stacey should be going back to Va. They had the funeral for her dad on Friday and glad it is all over for them. He is in a far better place than before.
I will keep you all in my prayers for the time you are there. It sounds just like another world in Haiti. I just can't imagine. It takes some strength to go and to see all that is there.
God will look over you all and keep you safe.
Thanks for all you do.
Linda Hasse

Deloris said...

Just got home from Kelly and Charlie's party. It was really nice. All the kids played together and had a good time, and the adults ate alot and talked alot and watched the Haiti videos. I was the party pooper and first to leave. Had to get home to the dogs. I don't know what they'll do tomorrow morning without the packing crew here. I miss you all and can't wait to see you next week. I'm sure you'll have lots of stories to tell us. Hugs to everyone!

Anonymous said...



Gallo Family said...

Hey all. We just got back from the at home Haiti party.... we had to party like you all.... 10:30pm arriving at home.... :) Sound familiar? We had a really fun time! Although we sure missed you all! Jim got a call at the last minute... had to come all the way home and go all the way back just blocks from Kelly's house... bummer for him :) But it was fun! Hope you have had a GREAT day! Love you all.... Alisa

Anonymous said...

Guess the last comment got lost -Anyway, Praise the Lord for water from the 2" well -& for all your hard work plus Steve & Dad Berg's. Hope you all are feeling good & getting some good sleep. Saw pics tonight of last trip in -excited to see some of you -hope Parnel gets some more. All going fine here. The ones together tonight at Kelly & Charlie's were: D&R, B&M, J&A, G&M, J&G, 2 Marie-s, ChaChi, Max, Chance, Caleb, Grace, Alexis, Payton, Ellen, &just me. Had a wonderful 3 hrs., prayed for all of you together, saw Kelly's scrapbook album with many Haiti facts plus Alisa's. Lots of laughs & sighs & ?'s watching the video. Several call to ask about you & say they are praying -eg. Steve & Shirley, A. Lyn & A. Donna. Delores & I plan to have supper with J&A & girls tomorrow.
From Art Linkletter's book:
You can always depend on a child to speak his mind. In a barber shop the other day a six year old came in alone, climbed up on a vacant barber chair & piped: "Give me a haircut like my Dad's-with a hole on top."
Dan called tonight while gone. Lynn called yesterday. Hope you all have a good night, missing you, so am keeping very busy. Ps. l50 Love, MDJ 00000000.