Friday, March 26, 2010


We hit the ground running, at least some of us did! Well, so maybe it was one of us. Ray started painting on the church gate at 5:30 this morning. Today was a smoking hot day; humidity is out of sight tonight. Everyone is tired, and pretty spent as we come to the close of another part of our journey. We were very successful on so many fronts throughout our day. The plumbing is run through a ditch to the back of the facility. A disconnect is hooked in and power run to the generator that is now set at the back of the property as well. That way we can run the pump without totally disturbing the activities going on throughout the day. The team finished bagging 500 coloring and scripture handouts for our final service with the children tomorrow. We fed 200 victims as well, and I personally visited two who had been seriously injured. The little boy handed me an X-ray of a broken leg, his knee is terribly swollen, there is no cast, and no spint. The woman had received surgical attention and had a splint pinned on her leg in 4 places. No bandaging, just laying there in an open room. She had just one crutch so I gave her a set I had brought in. I asked if she was in any pain, and she told me as long as she didn’t move it was bearable. There is food aid reaching the victims, but it’s military MRE’s and it is so foreign to their regular diet that they are struggling consuming it. The faces today were priceless, and they asked if we would cook for them tomorrow. I bought the church three huge cooking pans today so they can continue to help feed the victims in the community. The ladies do such a wonderful job, and Robinson oversees the passing out of the food, so that just the survivors are getting it. There is still such a tremendous need here, but it is incredible to see how God provides for needs. We had 500 children today for the kids service, and it went profoundly well! I was busy on the electrical with the guys and was unable to help, but they pulled it off without me. The children remain desperate beyond belief, but they are really good when given direction. Beth gave supplies to a mountain church pastor today so he could go minister to them, as I said in my first post, we seem to be having enough, and even a little extra! I also hooked up a garden hose spout back by the bathrooms and tonight Kelly and I washed down the restrooms for the first time with running water. We moved a massive rock pile that had resided at an awkward place on the property. That was a serious job! It took 25-30 guys about an hour. But it freed up a sizable area for seating outside the tent. We will put in some crushed stone hopefully tomorrow and they are delivering 96 lawn chairs that we purchased today. It should help a lot as there are so many people flooding the town from PAP. We brought in clothes for a new baby to be born in a month or so, we brought both boys and girls stuff, and now it turns out we are sharing it with four babies. It rained a little this evening, and we are hoping a break in the heat will follow. We didn’t get any drilling done today, but we still have some time tomorrow. Right now I have a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. There are moments along this pathway that have been so discouraging, when you work so hard to make a difference, and it seems to come to naught, it’s nice to have trips like this where so much comes together. You have to have nerves of steel and faith that really counts, otherwise this county will stomp you like what happened to the rat that ran out of the rock pile this afternoon. It got really intense for a few seconds, but that rat didn’t stand a chance with the Haitians! It sure got things fired up for a bit though. It’s time to get to the internet; there will be more reflective writing in a day or so. Right now I am in a work mindset, and very task driven. We will be slowing the pace after tomorrow, and letting the team absorb the circumstances of their time here. We will do our visiting, and encouragement rounds, and that always promises to be a great adventure! Pray for patience through the stretch of the day tomorrow! Blessings after my book tonight!

P.S. Congratulations Noah

P.S.S. Pictures tomorrow, the store is closing and it's late! Sorry:-(


Jenny said...

Hi Everyone,
Josiah, Ruby, and I are praying for you all and your work with those beautiful Haitian children there! It is so clear that God's hand is upon all of you. Continue the good work and know that our prayers are with you.
The Kohlers
p.s. Niche--hope the bugs aren't too big;)

Deloris said...

Hi team,
Welcome to my world!!! Ray getting up before the crack of dawn is not unusual, especially when he has a mission to accomplish. I'm sure he thought about that wall getting painted all night. It's just the way he is. Hope he's getting enough sleep and not pushing himself too hard. Big guys can fall hard when they overdo it. Ray just hasn't learned that yet.
It's Saturday morning and I'm up really early too. Couldn't sleep in because I wanted to read the blog and see how your day went. Sounds like you guys are going full tilt. I hope everyone is having fun too and I would love to hear how the girls are fairing. I'm sure everyone is pitching in wherever they can, and making lots of good memories there. Well I'll say good bye for now. I hope today is another great day for you. Big hugs to all.

Jake T said...

Great job team sounds like you are accomplishing a lot, His favor shines on all of you. The well and water have been on my mind and I have been praying about it a lot. I will continue praying for you all as you have been on my mind constantly. God bless, stay encouraged. I love you all!

don said...

Hello Haiti Team,

I praise God for your continued faithfulness and your willingness to be the hands and feet of Jesus in St. Marc. As I read about your ministry there my emotions go from joy to grief and back to joy with you. Thank you for putting the gospel into action and showing us what that looks like. May God continue to give you strength and peace as you complete another chapter of The H.A.I.T.I. Chronicles. I pray too that God will give you spiritual eyes that are wide open to see the blessing that you are to the people you are serving. You are helping change their world and ours to the Glory of God!

Pastor Don

DSR4thefans said...

Hey TEAM, how ya'll doing? Ben Donathan here. I ve been checking on here and reading your posts!! Very cool what you guys are doing and I am proud of you all. Niche how you holding up? any bugs get ya yet? ahh thats not nice. G-Man you go #2 yet? Ha. ohh well good luck to guys during the rest of your journey and I hope your return is a safe one.
Benny D

shelbiemae said...

I’m writing on the way back from the game today. We lost but it was still a wonderful experience. There was quit a bit of hassle to get into the student section. Nina and I basically had to drug the attendants to sneak past them into the bleachers. (Just Kidding, but it was hard) It was a tough team and we only lost by 16 points, but it was still disappointing. It was hard to watch some of my friends that I have known for years play the last game of their career. There was a lot of cheering and still a wonderful community experience.
Now that the games are over it is going to be more of a relaxing spring break. I really have no plans, except for reading, running, looking for a job, writing, and sleeping. So now I am going to REALLY miss you Kelly and Krystle! I think tomorrow I will have Kelly and Krystle withdrawals around youth group time. LOL. I’ll let you know if I survive without you on a Sunday night. Lol.
Last night I looked at Alisa’s photos from the last Haiti trip so I could get a better idea of what it’s like down there. I’m glad I looked at all the photos but at the same time hard for me because it made me want to be on this trip all the more. I am so proud to know you all that are on the trip. You are all amazing people and I pray for you daily.
Kelly and Krystle I have been writing you messages on FB also so that when you get back into the states you can hear about the going on’s. (Some of the messages send more than once so just ignore the repeats.) Oh and Kelly that means that you have to share your iphone with Krystle. =)
Sharing is a good thing!

Jim said...

To Ray Hasse
Hi Big Brother! It sounds like you are busy doing what you like to do so well...painting! God Bless you. Thanks so much for the pictures in the blog, it is impossible to even begin to imagine all that you are visually seeing. I think when it was put into prospective of 911 it made me have a better realization of what has happened and what isn't being able to be done. Amazing to hear how through all these trials the Haitians believers are still praising God for every day and His provisions. (Psalms 68:19) Remember we are praying for you and the team and thanking God for allowing you to be His servants. Love, Your Little sister...Linda and (Jim)

Lewis said...

Pastor Doyle,
Thank you for sharing these stories for all to see. Glad Devante is having a great time playing soccer (football). Give Germaine and Niche a big hug from us.

Amy & Lew

Gallo Family said...

Wow! Sounds like you guys have made some HUGE accomplishments! It SOO did not surprise me to hear that Dad started painting at 5:30! He'll never be one to put too much off for later! :) Love that about you Dad! Wondering if it was Arson helping you with the Plumbing? I bet the rock pile getting moved was a HUGE project but yet a HUGE blessing! What a nice thing to have so much more seating for them! Doyle I bet getting to meet some major victims with some really lasting injuries was a hard thing... So glad you were able to hand out the crutches! It was a nice day here Me and the girls went shopping with G-ma today.... they will be well dressed for Easter next week! :) Then Darlene, Deloris AND the girls came over for dinner! We had fun! Poor Jim was well outnumbered with out Dad here. I had to cook for someone more than just us :) I miss the mass cooking! I'm sure you are looking forward to a relaxing HAITI SUNDAY! Maybe I'll join you in that one! :) Well we love you bunches and are continuing to pray faithfully for you all!