Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tent Cities

Things are going good today, here are a couple of pictures showing the rig set up and a tired American! Dad says he has a sore back, and sore muscles. Mostly from the run on Saturday. The heat was a little more ferocious today. They are having to overcome a few obstacles. Imagine that! They pulled what they could of the plastic well that the guys had drilled. The casing was broken down about 26 feet. Exactly where dad thought it was when he was in to help earlier. They have sleeved the top 20' of the hole now, and have extracted some of the broken plastic from down around 38 feet. They will hopefully have the last 20 feet of steel casing in the ground in the morning, and finish out the well tomorrow afternoon. One of the pictures I have posted here is of a tent city just outside of St. Marc. Steve said there were hundreds of these. He said driving out the south end of Port they have their tents in the median of the road. In the middle of all the traffic is where these people are living! The tents are comprised mostly of blue tarps and poles. I asked Steve what is going to happen when the rainy season hits in another month or so, he said it is going to be devastating. That is my fear as well. Keep praying, keep supporting, this country needs our help! Our team continues to ready for our trip in. Hard to believe we will be there in two weeks from today! We are excited to go and serve. Will post up more tomorrow!

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