Sunday, March 7, 2010

Gear Shifter

Here is a picture Steve sent me of the rig yesterday morning hooked up to the truck just before they left Aguin. Robinson and Bwalo are center, my dad looks like he is hiding in the rear! Within three miles of this picture the rig was jackknifed on a hill as the driver stalled the truck and tried to back down the hill. A young man with a 4x4 truck came along and pulled them up and out of the situation after a few very trying minutes and crazy Haitian traffic! There were several very nerve wracking moments including another stall at the top of the mountain 200' from the peak. Thank God for a large gravel truck and dads quick thinking to jump out and start throwing rocks behind the tires before it completely stopped to prevent another downhill disaster. The truck was constantly jumping out of gear so my dad rode with his left hand on the gear shift all the way. He said his left arm was really sore after the long ride. Robinson said they had no preaching at the service this morning. He told the people they needed to share fellowship with the part of Christ's body that had come so far and worked so hard to get the rig up to St. Marc. He told them it was hard work and very dangerous and that the people should give thanks to God for helping them and thanks to these brothers that had come to help their country. He had my dad and Steve both share a little in the service as well. I must say, among his people, Robinson is a great leader. The hope for this country of Haiti rests in God-fearing, and honorable men like this. Rob told me the people are absolutely thrilled the rig is there. It holds such great promise. Steve is going to send more pictures later, the internet is really slow. How well I know! The guys are taking a well deserved rest as I type this blog. Pray for renewed strength and protection as they commence set up and drilling over the next day or two. This opportunity is staggering, and God is doing amazing things. It's incredible to be part of His story being written among these people. Blessings today!

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