Friday, March 5, 2010


Time to clear up a couple of details. The family members on this trip are my dad, Doyle Berg Sr. and brother-in-law, Steve Fulton. They are now traveling the southern countryside of Haiti in a truck we are hoping will be able to pull the rig back to St. Marc. Two of the suitcases did not make it to Port, but should arrive tomorrow. In the midst of trying to find the missing bags, the terminal cleared of people. When they finally left, there was nobody in customs. They walked through without any looks into their baggage! I continue to marvel at divine providence! When I talked to the guys a few minutes ago, they were stopped for a little break, they were about 60% of the way to their destination. Steve was using his iphone GPS and it was working! Has saved them several wrong turns. As it turns out the Haitians don't have much in road maps, so there is some trial and error routing when they have never been to certain locations. The next few hours are critical, so keep them in your prayers. We are counting on God to do what we cannot. He knows the desperate circumstances of these beloved people, and hears their cries for mercy. I am certain of His hand upon this mission. But it will not be without it's hurdles. We are tested to see if we will prevail on our side of things, and prevail we must! We go to start our packing for the team trip tomorrow that is coming up the 23rd of March, onward and forward we go! Blessings tonight!

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