Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Day two is quickly coming to a close. The weather has spared us extremely high temperatures so far. But it is still brutal! We worked to get everything organized today. We tore apart the sound system, did a thorough cleaning, mounted the speakers, and ran some new cords. It’s working much better now. We packed all the bags for our children's service tomorrow. It was amazing as we went to the property tonight to do our work we found the tent three quarters full of children! We hadn’t even announced we were having a service and they came anyway. It’s a struggle to have children show up for anything in our culture that doesn’t involve pretty spectacular announcements and pretty decent media, but armed with only a ‘hope’ of something happening these children came. We grabbed some of our extra candy and gave them each a sucker, told them to invite a friend and come back tomorrow. I can guarantee you one thing; we will have children for our service come tomorrow afternoon. Everyone on the team is adapting well, it takes a few hours to acclimate ones body, but spirit’s are high, and the team is getting along great. Devante took on some Haitian ‘football’ (soccer) up around the corner from the property. He is making friends and having a great time. Bob and Ray are working on the benches for the children's tent; we ordered five more today and that will give us a total of ten benches for the kids. Kelly worked on fixing several things on the rig. He is really anxious to do some drilling. We had the rig running for a few minutes and it draws a crowd really quickly. Supper is brewing and it’s about time to eat. The electricity came on for 53 minutes tonight. Just enough time to test out my work on the sound system! So much for catching showers with light. We are thankful that we are able to be here again. As I sit here typing this post on the front porch of Rob’s house, 7 children sit watching me, hoping for some food and a few extra hugs. Their smiles are heart warming, and I wonder what will become of their lives. It’s great to know that at least a couple of them are in school that our supporters are sponsoring. They are the hope of Haiti, I agree with Rob on that one, one thing that has not been taken from this county is their lack of knowledge. Poverty has a way of doing that, stripping all means of education is perhaps it’s deadliest tentacle. The demand is great, and poverty wrestles to destroy any opponent that threatens its choke-hold on this society. May we have the patience to persist, may we fight to the finish. Here’s to the long haul and a steady heart. Blessings to all again.

P.S. The scene in the photo is of the mass grave. It’s difficult to see in the photo, but between the center cactus, on the far hill is a very big cross, and a sign at the edge of the road reads: Thanks to the victims, January 12, 2010.


Anonymous said...

glad to hear all spirits ar high , ray ill chech on g ma as payton & alexis say ;every other day ,and darleen to for bob ;keep up the great job , ps keep an eye out for my fried in the bathroom(mr. cockroach.)luv ya all jim

don said...

Hello Haiti Team! Please know that we are praying for you and that God will bless you and work through you to accomplish His plan. Thank you for the pictures and the stories. Doyle, God has obviously gifted you with eyes to see the invisible. Thanks for sharing that gift and your writing with all of us. We love you and pray for continued courage and strength.

Pastor Don

shelbiemae said...

I am sooo sorry guys! (Arg I am frustrated) Okay so I commented yesterday on a blog...and for some reason it diddent post! I FEEL TERRIBLE! So anyway I sent you a book yesterday and you never got it. So I will write again today, I think i will send it TWICE just to make sure you get it!
TO Kelly and Krystle, I send you hugs today AND YESTERDAY! I imagined myself giving you an air hug.
Okay Krystle i am going to apologize right off the bat! I AM SO sorry...I just couldn't help myself...So i finished a book a day or so ago and was like "hmmm what should i read?" Well....ummmm, I kindda picked up the Circle Trilogy again....I KNOW AND I'M SORRY! Dont give me that pouty look...I PROMISE I am sorry! I just couldent help myself.
GUESS WHAT KELLY?!?!?!? (pause for effect) It snowed last night....(pause again)..........JUST KIDDING!!!! Ok sorry i just couldn't help that one either.
Well you guys already know but suttons bay won on Tuesday! So anyway, I am skipping school today to go see the game in Lansing. Oh and I will be watching Star Wars III on the way on my laptop. =)And reading the Circle trilogy. (SORRY KRYSTLE!!!) So I will have a fun day today....
Ummmmm, Darn I feel like i just got slapped in the face......
Kelly.......I just looked out the window and it really is snowing. No joke this time. The flakes are like really small and they wont stick but i am not kidding. I just asked my dad to make sure it was snow and not my imagination. I feel like such a dork. (sigh) So you got your wish, seems like God would have at least waited until you got back so SOMEONE could enjoy it but I guess I will have to live with it. LOL
Sorry again I feel so bad that this dident post yesterday. Like I said I Will post this twice today just to make sure it goes through. If I were you I would be really disapointed in your friend from Michigan who dident post yesterday, I'm sure you were both crying. LOL. I will make sure it does nto happen again.
So here are some EXTRA hugs that you never received yesterday!!
(Oh btw my sister was just like, "Guess what its snowing out Shelbie.") :P
God Bless the whole team for what you are doing. You are all continually in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones, Praying for you much. You are very good about conveying things we want to know. Beth -Alisa & I would love to be helping with the cooking-glad you have the 3 girls there to help you & don't forget Dad's good at that. Excited about the rig work, benches, & will be especially lifting you to the Throne r/t the childrens' mtg. this afternoon. No CCC mail except Tappert's note. 29 here today but & windy, but sun out. Listen to your messages you left, Beth -don't erase them so can hear your voice. Nice pic of 3 guys -esp. mine. Loads of love, MDJ Isa.40:28-31-"they that wait upon the Lord-"-----

Kari & Kacy said...

Hi to all!! Just a short note. I have had a very frustrating day, actually a long week. But I have to say that I thought of all of soooo much today. Every time something crept up I thought of you little things so like nothing. I have some wonderful church family members sacrificing 1000 times more every moment than I could imagine. Then I would be reminded how truly blessed I am and how I've taken that for granted and not appreciated as much as I should. So just say I appreciate and love all of you. Thank you for what you are doing and thank you for being in my head. (Again, we could go with the air joke!) Again I love and appreciate you!! Be safe! God bless you!! xoxo

BRICH said...

Devante,Niche,Germaine.....hope all is going well. Thinking about you all. SUSAN AND BOB AT NATIONAL!

Anonymous said...

Hi all, I am so happy to hear that you made it to your destination! Airport travel can surely be some great fun with the Big see, him and I have a different view on where to spend time waiting. Just ask him about the fun moments of Deloris and I in the gift shop and our husbands NOT happy because they believe you MUST be hours early...just had to leave that comment seeing the picture of Big Ray in an airport...our fun airport moments!
Please be safe and drink safe water and stay hydrated, your body will not fight off illness if your not hydrated! I appreciate all that you all have done, the people of Haiti have a long haul and I'm sure you can give them a glimmer of hope beyond what they see.
Praying for your safe return and for Haiti to have a clearer path to recover from.
Love, Lorie
Lorie Hasse-Johnson

Gallo Family said...

Hello all.... Sounds like you had a very productive 1st day there! I hope your first kids day went over well! I'm sure you had a ton of kids there!It will be so nice to see all those cute kids on some benches in the kids tent during church instead of them all on the ground :) I've been thinking of you all! Enjoy your time there! Believe it or not, before you know it, you'll be preparing to head back to the states. Give out some hugs for me! Love you all! P.S. Krystle, I'm getting bored of getting no texts from ya :) and Maura and Beth.... I have to bug other people on my 4 o'clock ride :) Walkers I hope you guys are enjoying every minute of it! Sounds like Devante is fitting in just fine! :) Bob, I've talked to Gram.... She was my life saver today! Doyle, I hope your getting some rest :) and Dad I love you bundles and miss you too! :) Deloris and I have chatted a lot. Tell Parnell HI for me... I hope they all have liked their pics! :) I can only imagine they loved it all! Can't wait to hear about your 1st kids service! OK... I'm done rambling! Love you all! Alisa......

The girls ask about you guys and what things you'd be doing... I try to guess :) but they send their love too!

Ramona said...

We all continue to keep you all in our prayers and look forward to your updates. Biblestudy went well last night and tonight. Don gave updates on how you are doing. God is good ALL the time and we are trusting that you will touch many lives for Him while you are there. We could handle some of your heat as it is cooler here !! God bless !!