Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As the 767 banked it’s final turn into Port this afternoon, in the middle of a vast body of water, was a most unusual sight. A sailboat. I am wondering what a sailboat is doing here, what did it mean? Who would sail in the midst of such devastation, were they just trying to escape the reality of what lay ashore, were they sailing from another island, could they even yet see the shoreline of this land of pestilence, poverty, and chaos. But then another thing occurred to me, as I talked with so many rushing to aid this disaster stricken people today, one common thread tied all conversations together, would what they as individuals were setting about to do make an impact. As it were, a single tiny sailboat in a vast ocean of need, cresting first one wave and then another. Every successful navigation of the wind and wave brings a new sense of purpose and joy that can’t be contained in words penned to a page. Does it matter? Who will notice our single little sailboats out here in this vast sea of wreckage? And what will they think if they chance to spot us. Will we be branded idiots, lost and confused boatmen? Furtively sailing to what end? But what if I’m called to sail here? What if we are noticed by someone greater than all this chaos, the sovereign One who holds all together. What if we are sailing to a greater symphony of order than we were able to see, or others were able to see for that matter? Truth be told, we are. As the night stills and weariness weaves its web through my frail frame, and the team falls off to sleep around me tonight, a thrill grips my soul. We are sleeping next to a group of victims without homes to return to. Stripped of what little they had, they lay on flat concrete before me, Bible’s open in front of every one of them. I greet them, hug them, and ask them their names. They smile, I offer condolences, and then I offer a mattress, a simple little luxury becomes a diamond to their shattered lives. The glow of the wave in front of me; broad smiles and thankful bodies, sends the thrill of conquest surging through my soul, and I sail… into the sunset, following the wind of the Spirit. May we cut a straight line, let the spray of the water streak over our faces, may our sails remain full of the wind of grace, and may lives be touched across the sea of which we sail today. Blessing to my fellow Haitians, and blessing to all who add wind to our sails! You count tonight in ways you may never fathom!


Deloris said...

Soooooo happy to hear that you're safely there and that the trip went smoothly. Sounds like you're all exhausted, but ready to start your many, many projects. I'm sure Rob and the others are thrilled to have you there. You're angels from heaven come to help the people of Haiti. If you wonder about the impact you're making, you don't need to worry. From Traverse City to St. Marc, you've impacted so many of us by your courage, love and faith. Take care of each other and remember how much you're loved.
Kisses for Ray,

Gallo Family said...

What an awesome feeling to give comfort to a few that have lost it all..... such a simple thing that we take for granted everyday. The sights you got to see in PAP I can only imagine were amazing! The grand Welcome to Haiti, the Huge Hugs! I've thought back to the November trip about the 1st night and the first morning waking up to the sounds of Haiti. I'm sure you have already had many laughs. Dad, I woke up this morning at 6am and said "Good Morning Dad, I know you and are out sitting on the wall of the church." I find myself doing what we chuckled about Darlene doing last time.... I'm trying to think of what your doing about different times of the day! :) I had a wonderful lunch with Darlene today... Bob I made sure she was all set with her computer as you saw her earlier post. It was a great break to my day! I love you guys.... looking forward to hearing more of how your days are going! Thank you Doyle for the pics already! :)