Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have to laugh at all the times people wish me a good vacation when I tell them I am headed to Haiti. Not all places Caribbean are vacation destinations! To all who think coming to Haiti is a vacation, you couldn’t be more misled. And tonight I feel it! Tired no longer describes the way I feel. Matter of fact, I might almost be beyond feeling! We have labored hard and long, and Sunday is coming. I have to figure out what I am going to preach in the morning. I though maybe I wouldn’t be preaching this trip in, but then again, what was I thinking? As I sit here typing, little boys are feeling my head, running their little inquisitive fingers through my hair. If they don’t stop soon, I may fall asleep. LOL! We had another productive day today. They built the back wall of the property another three course of block higher thanks to Pastor Doyle moving the rock pile to the back! But I think they are pleased. The crushed rock was delivered this afternoon to put where the foundation rock pile had been. Chairs will not be here until after we leave, but that will be fine. I’ll get Rob to drop me a couple of pictures after they get here and I will post them up. The front wall got the first coat of paint as you can see in the picture. It looks great when you turn up our road! Ray and company have worked diligently to get it done, and it will have another coat Monday or Tuesday. Notice I didn’t say final coat, it’s because it will need regular coats of paint to keep up with the harsh exposure of this country. We finished building the benches this afternoon, and Ray got three of them varnished. They would have been done but we guessed wrong on the amount of varnish, so will get more Monday to finish up. They look great and there are five more frames welded up and about ready to come to the property. But we will have to let them finish them. We arranged for the women of the church to cook up another huge batch of food and fed the victims again today. I told Robinson I didn’t want to impose on them, but he said it is no problem, they are happy to do it. When they got back from market, they discovered that their carrying bag had been slit. Someone had tried to pick the bag, but fortunately they were not carrying the money in it. Another evidence of God’s protection over the hurting. They were buying for the victims, and today God stayed the hand of the darkness from encroaching any more. That is the thing we really struggle with at times, why would God not spare the earthquake, but today spare the feeding of those that remain behind. I don’t pretend to be so blind as to not wonder at the profound and unnerving circumstances and mysteries of life and then reflect on the sovereignty of God. But I do know this; he does work in mysterious ways His great wonders to perform. And today I continue to witness His goodness and mercy in spite of the great evil we are capable of in our disobedience to Him. And by that I don’t mean that I purport that the earthquake happened because these people deserved it. It happened because it was allowed to happen. God took some and spared others. A young mother raced into a home to save her baby, they both died, the baby nestled between her mothers legs and under her body. The father lives to mourn; and yet finds a grace that may never have come except through this agony. I have seen time and time again, we tend to see things upside down from God. But tonight I’m glad I’ve staked my life in His judgment call, far to often I have made the wrong call. We will some day discover that God has a perfect batting record! We had 500 children for the service this afternoon, and then the ladies scrubbed the floors, bathrooms and sidewalks readying for service in the morning. We have just fed an evening crowd of about 35, and a wonderful breeze has finally brought a little break from the massive heat wave. Claudy told me today it is unusually warm for this time of year. Ray sitting beside me has just passed out several bracelets that Payton and Alexis, his granddaughters, made out of yarn and sent along. The kids loved them. It was like they were getting diamonds. One more incredible thing, last night it rained for about 45 minutes, and not a hard rain. As I rounded the corner going to the internet I heard a massive rushing sound and to my amazement, the riverbed that had been bone dry a couple of hours earlier was roaring with 2 feet of water. It was alarming! No wonder these people fear the rain so much. What would a few hours of rain do, what about days? I have a new appreciation for my sandy, can’t grow any grass, Michigan lawn! And I understand a little more about why they struggle with the rain. It’s nice to live in high country. I’m glad the church property is up toward the mountain. Well, I have to run for tonight, it’s time to crack the books and figure out what to say in the morning to these desperate lives. Thanks again to all our followers and supporters. It has been a great trip so far, and we are expecting the continuation of great things for the remainder of our time here. Blessings from a cool front porch.


Anonymous said...

Hi all
thanks for making a difference! Our prayers are with you, your blog makes us feel like we are with you. Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus. We long to serve beside you. You are all champions for God. Noah lost yesterday but they played hard. Some of our friends said they refered to Noah as the spiritual leader and a great hustler on the court. Blessings, The Reyhl's

Jake T said...

The resiliance of our team and these Haitain brothers and sisters of ours is amazing. So much I can take for granted when I look in comparison to what hand has been dealt to these folks. I have been praying for you all often and we miss you guys! I am off to service this morning to help Pastor Don and our church family worship the King. I hope your worship time is blessed down there this morning as well. I love you all, stay encouraged Jake T

Anonymous said...

Dear Ones -Got too late to send a message last night -nice time & lots of thinking & talking about you all at J&A's last eve. Very worthwhile message today -Alaina did fine first time with our class. Everyone doing their jobs & carrying on, but we're all really missing you all today!!!I'm feeling like a widow today myself, but fine-Many have checked on me & been thoughtful & kind. After reading yesterday's post about the hospital visits, feeding so many, etc. I just wept & prayed I was so touched & visualizing much there. So anxious to hear stories & accounts when you can tell us -like about the childrens' meetings, movie night, etc. Can you still have the ladies' meeting, Beth? Am sure Niche, Maura, & K are wonderful help for you -500 is a big family for even a little while! Give out some hugs just for me. The gate looks beautiful!!!!can hardly believe all you have all been doing. Only a couple of days left before you'll be trying to shift gears again, so will double up on our prayers that every last moment will count for our bro.'s & sisters there & all the little ones. Sunny here & 50 in the sun. Get some rest as you can & know you are greatly appreciated -each of you-esp. Jack. XXXOOO MDJ
I Cor. l5:58-"stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain."

Anonymous said...

Yup that sounds like my dad getting up way to early and getting right to it. But that is one thing I admire about him, one of the many things. Pastor Doyle please tell him how proud of him and the work you guys are doing there. If I wasn't on my "vacation" I would love to be there to help.

Lots of love and prayers,

Andy Hasse
Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

Gallo Family said...

So glad so much is getting done in God's love and strength.... Church was good this morning... Don preached about Judgment from Luke, it was sort of ironic to me... one of the things I really learned coming home from Haiti was you can't judge a book by it's cover... you never know what is going on in people's lives... when the Haitians saw a loving smile... some would hesitate but eventually they would smile back. I hope you all get a restful Sunday! It sure sounds like you deserve it! Church is looking Beautiful! I can't wait to see the end results! Germaine, Nascar race was delayed until tomorrow.... Rain is about to take over Martinsville... Dad, Deloris is doing well... although I can tell she misses her man :) And Bob... I gave Gram an extra hug although I can't remember if I told her I was doing it for you... but she'll know! :) The girls were tickled pink that G-pa was handing out their bracelets... makes them want to make more and more... They wanted to make a special on for Rob's girls... I told them they can for the next trip in. I love you all and miss you tons.... Alisa

shelbiemae said...

Happy Sunday team:
It is a semi-warm(50s)sunny day today. It was great to wake up and go to church. On the last Sunday of the month at our church we always have a potluck lunch afterwords. The theme this month was oddls of noodles. (Because I just love noodles right Kelly and Krystle? BLA!)It was fun to hang out with church family and fellowship. I thought of you all today during worship and the wonderful church service I am sure you were having down there.
Okay Kelly and Krystle I dont think I am going to make it! haha! I dont know how long its been since I haven't seen you on a Sunday! (or at least heard from Kelly how you were Krystle!) I just got up from a nap and i was like NOOOOOOO I need youth group and my friends! So then i went into this spastic where-are-my-friends seizure. I was on the floor rolling around and screaming.......Okay maybe not but still I miss you guys..haha!
My day was brightened when by best friend Elizabeth called me from Indiana. Its not you guys but I needed to hear from a close friend. If you could keep Elizabeth in your prayers that would be wonderful. She is in a residential program and wants to graduate really bad, depression has set in and she needs a pick-me-up.
Okay Kelly and Krystle are you like hiding from the camera down there??!?!?! I saw Kelly in one picture and i havent seen Krystle in ANY!!!!!! I hope to see a lot of pictures when you get back.
I am running out of things to say for today. You told me to write to you everyday Krystle, I'm not sure what you wanted me to write but I hope I have been doing a good job. I miss you both a lot on this Sunday afternoon and pray you are doing well.
Now for a walk in the sun!