Thursday, March 25, 2010


What will a day bring, how about a lot of water! We have been pumping water from the 2” well 80% of the day. We left it running and George was washing and watering trees. When I came back later the team said 50 motorcycles had been washed! We washed the front wall for paint in the morning; we washed the tent floor, and most of the sidewalks. We filled drums, and washed the walks out front by the road, we dampened the street itself. It was a very fulfilling moment. We are not going to let the people drink from the higher vein of water; we are going to make the 4” well about twice as deep. But now we have water for cleaning and water for the bathroom. Life has changed at our property. It is such a profound feeling after all the struggles to get water here; to have it all come together over the last couple of weeks is an amazing feeling. One of our dear Haitian friends is installing a waterline to the back bathroom starting tomorrow. We are having a water tower built for the back restroom as well. We will commence some drilling on the bigger well tomorrow while Bob and Germaine continue building benches and Ray paints on the front gate and wall. We are getting Bibles around to take to one of the tent cities over the next couple of days. We are restocking supplies for the victims we are still taking care of at the church. Robinson has done such a great job of taking them in and seeing to their needs. The children’s service went great today, very smooth. We have had lots of input regarding how to go about tending so many children at a time and it is all paying off. The power has been on for quite a while tonight and we have been showering in the light. That may not seem like a big deal to you. But try showering by flashlight for a few nights and see what you think of it! The ladies of the church came over and did our washing today, they are so gracious and it is so great to be able to interact with them. The relational side of these trips is very rewarding. As we arrived back at the house tonight, Robbin’s was here. He is the husband of our dear lost mother Ynives and little Sarabeth to the earthquake. He had always been a man with an indomitable spirit, very upbeat, optimistic, never a complainer. When the hurricane buried their home a couple of years ago, he labored faithfully until he unburied it by hand. It took him almost a year to finish! He is so sorrowful now. Pray for his heart to be restored, and that he is able to unbury himself from this second and much more tragic catastrophe. This will make digging out his house pale by comparison. There is still much sorrow though out the country. Pray tonight for the healing of all these broken hearts, let alone broken bodies and shattered dreams. Blessings always!


Anonymous said...

sitting here reading and seeing water running at the church property starts to bring tears to eyes ,such a major victory for something we take for granted,congrats on a well;well done to all ;keep up the great job cant wait till next post jim

Anonymous said...

Springs of living waters or should I say wells of living water!!! How exciting. We just returned from Lansing and we are sitting on our bed reading the blogs it brings back some great memories. I am pleased to let you know Autumn's feet are clean. Blessing to all of you, and what a blessing you have already been to all those around you but we also know they have blessed you equally with their songs and prayers, and there sweet sweet spirits.
We are missing you and continue to pray for you and the work you are doing. Lots of Love
Oh you are probably wondering what the rest of the story is.......
The Suttons Bay Norsemen are going to the Division C Finals. They won today 68-53. It is very exciting! Suttons Bay has never been in the state finals before. They play Sat at 12:00. The Reyhl's

shelbiemae said...

This is amazing. I smiled the whole time I read it. Its amazing how the things we take for granted are the very thing others need most. (water)
I dont know if you already got the news but Sutton's Bay won again yesterday. It was an amazing experience to be at the Brezlin center. So many people came out to cheer for the team and there was a sence of family among the Sutton's Bay crowd.
At one point in the Game a woman turned to me, grabbed my arm and said, "That's my son, That's my son." It was such a happy time and such an accomplishment for the guys.
Needless to say my dad, Nina, and I will be heading down again tomorrow to watch the last game. The team they play is like really good but God is on our side and what happens happens.
We dident get home until REALLY late last night and i forced myself to go to bed but let me tell you the thing that woke me up was thinking, I GOTTA CHECK THE BLOG!
So here I am!
Kelly and Krystle I miss you a lot but I have been keeping myself busy with travel. Oh Krystle you should have seen me cheer for the team last night (it was so funny) You would have thought I was a parent or something. Oh and I decided that you eat weird food. Dident you say you liked sea food? Yeah well I went to Red Lobster last night and I dont plan on going back. LOL! Not my thing, BUT I think that since i TRIED lobster you need to TRY a bite of pizza the next time I have pizza and you are
Kelly! Why do you keep doing this to me?!?!?!?! AGAIN I OPEN MY WINDOW AND ITS SNOWING! This time its big flakes and its sunny out too. It will not stick but it seems like God does not want you to enjoy any of this snow. Apparently he wants me to learn to enjoy it.....(Ugh) So in that note i will do my best to enjoy it but I think i will have a hard time. Are you praying for snow while you are down there? Do you want this to happen every morning I get up? I can just see you smiling thinking "Haha YEP!"
You are all in my prayers and I love reading the blog and seeing the pictures. It makes me feel like I am in some small way there with you.