Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The final moments of our final full day in Haiti are upon us. As DeVante and Rob and I were going to get another sheet of plywood this afternoon, I asked him if he had enjoyed the trip. He said “yes, it’s just gone by too quickly!” That was music to my ears. The whole team has been wonderful this trip. Through all the bumps and bruises this land passes along, we have journey safely to date. Spirits are good tonight. There is a heavenly breeze caressing our baked bodies, and I hope it lasts through the night. It was almost impossible to sleep last night. It’s like we were enveloped in stifling stillness with the thermostat continuing to be turned up higher and higher. That said, what a great day we were able to put in. We have 10 benches built and varnished thanks to the Bob and Ray and Germaine team. It was primitive conditions at best, but they got the job done. Bob also got a set of shelves built to put the medicine on so Robinson can more quickly access and know what he needs. Kelly and I drilled this afternoon and got our hole down to 35’. We are in the upper aquifer of water now, and the tooling is working extremely well. We fed the victims again today. We took a tour up the mountain behind the church property to the city water reservoir this morning. It was a great view! The ladies did a service with the woman of the church this afternoon, went souvenir shopping downtown, and are now preparing our final meal here at Rob and Naromie’s for this trip. Maura, Beth, Niche and Krystle all sorted leftover goods that are going to be distributed by Rob and a couple of our church ladies, they also sorted and explained the American food we are leaving here for them to finish up here at the house. It’s hard to believe it’s time to go home. Although I must confess, I am a little weary. I finally got my “Haiti legs” as I like to call it yesterday; that is I made it into the groove of the routine here. It was a little harder this time as I have already explained. Now it is about over, and it all seems a bit surreal. Rob and I are sitting out here across the street from the house, the generator is running and most of the lights are on in the house as the team makes final preparations for our trip out tomorrow morning. It has been a great blessing getting the house powered up. I sure makes for quicker cooking and packing, instead of by flashlight or candlepower. Call us spoiled, tonight I’m rejoicing in this little thing that is really quite a blessing! Got to run, my turn in the shower, and I can’t miss this appointment. Earlier when I needed one we were out of water in the tanks upstairs. I don’t want to get overripe! But I fear I am close. My heart is full, much to share, and I will over the next few days. Stay tuned for more pictures and thoughts about our journey. Blessings to all.

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