Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sorry about not getting a post up last night. We were packing all day yesterday and by the time the pastor made it home, it was time to study and then the time changed on top of that. The guys had a good day yesterday. They got the drop pipe pulled for me on the 2" well before they moved the rig, then they reset the rig for the new 4" well. After getting the rat pipe in and all the tooling ready they started in drilling at about 3:00 p.m. Dad drilled 24' in one hour! It went as smooth as glass. Both he and Steve were very satisfied with how well it worked. We are ready to set casing to continue the hole, so Rob will go after it this next week and have it there for when we arrive the following week. And I will continue the drilling if I get some time. I will get the pump set back up on the 2" well and get that pumping water into the big tank I am setting so we can start the water distribution. I will also run the plumbing back to the restroom facility and get that set so we have a full service American bathroom up and working complete with a sink, toilet and shower! That will improve facilities for the teams going in. Right now we are forced to use Robinson's house for everyone, and it works fine, but the added bathroom facility will speed up clean up time. It is amazing with all the hurdles set before the guys that they were able to get everything accomplished that they were. Steve managed to get some electrical work done as well. This morning they will go to church, and right after that head south to PAP. This week has taken them North and South in Haiti, they covered a lot of Haitian highway, and if you have been in Haiti, you know that means a lot of very rugged riding. Pray for safety today as they head home. I will update later on our adventure to get ready to head in about 8 days from now! We are doing good with our packing, 27 suitcases are loaded and ready to ride! Blessings today!

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