Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heart Thief

At the end of a long day of work and taxing labor come special blessings. They're small, with big eyes and beautiful smiles. They are like that tiny seedling blade of grass pushing up through stark, barren soil. They are Haiti's children, and they will steal your heart. This little boy perched on my dads lap brought several minutes of laughter and joy to the evening. He proceeded to mimic everything the white man said, which proved to bring comic relief to the household. You wonder how children survive this ravaging climate, so brutal and unforgiving. Many do not, but the ones who survive are very special! And in the midst of such severe adversity, they bring astounding joy. They deserve so much more, but never demand it. And they're contentment is convicting. These relationships add so much to an otherwise very trying climate where taking one step forward usually results in two back. The guys said today was really hot. They had another setback (to be expected) but are working through it. The rig continues to run extremely well, without it, well... lets not go there! Many Blessings!

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