Sunday, March 28, 2010


Church is over, we had a great service. There was standing room only at the property today. We need a bigger tent! They have tarps stretched over big sections of the property that isn’t covered with tents for shade. The singing was unexplainable, the singing groups, especially the childrens choir was profound. They sang a song in English for us. It really melts your heart to hear them as they worship with such candor and without inhibition. I would say they put us to shame, but the truth is people worship God in many different ways. I would say they worship with less reservation than our culture does. They are stripped down of much of their vanity and pride. Humility drapes their countenance, and it is beautiful to watch them express their delight to God so openly. It is truly a praise offering. We came home to the house and had tuna sandwiches. We then caught up on all the blogs and comments with the team. It has been very late the last two night. At 3:00 am this morning there was a knock at the gate, then Rob’s phone rang. It seems a dear woman with no clock, and a lost sense of time thought it was time for church! But the real crowd did actually start showing up at 4:30 this morning. By the time we got ourselves out of the big tent and our mattresses put up, there was a crowd sitting around waiting to put the seating back together and getting ready for church to start. By the time we were cleaned up and back at 7:00 for service, there were well over 500 at the property, Ray guessed the upwards of 600. It is incredible. Every time we make a little more room, they fill it. I remember back when I asked Robinson how big he thought we should build the church I distinctly remember his answer; “No matter how big, it’s up to you, but whatever you build it, I will fill it.” He with God’s help has certainly kept his word! Everyone has rested a bit, Robinson just took DeVante, Kelly, and Germaine for a little surprise; they are going to go watch a little soccer for a few minutes. I am working on computer software, getting the new church computer set up that we had donated. We are going to the youth service where Germaine will share at 4:00 and then our movie night is at 6:00 at the church. The benches in the childrens tent were a huge hit! When everyone was asked to introduce themselves to the church this morning, DeVante stunned us all with an excellent introduction and a very heartwarming address to the people. Coming from a young boy’s perspective, it was a very bright and proud moment for his parents. We are sitting on the front porch again; this is what I will miss back home. We don’t get this time of fellowship and raw sharing. Our culture is driving us to isolation that is eating us from the inside out by our drive and hurry to have it all, to have more, and ending up with so much less. Take a little time today to share with one for whom you care. Say I love you, moments are lost, swept away by the machine of time, never to be found again. They cannot be replaced, sometimes they can be redeemed, but never can they be relived. Live each moment, because each one counts! Blessing until later.


TheJaruzels said...

Hello Everyone,
Looks like you have all been really busy. I cannot imagine the experiences you are all having. God Bless and keep you all.
The Jaruzels

Jim said...

Hi Ray:
Just think it's been a week since you were making big plans for your trip
and before you know you will be back in the states.
I hope that you are being able to accomplish a lot of goodwill over there
for those poor people. Sounds like they need all the help they can get.
Everything in the states is the same. We do have a roof over our heads,
so that's something to be very thankful for. If I had to sleep outside I
would have had a nice big, fat racoon to contend with. He opened up my
seed pail, but made a lot of racket, so I got up and chased him away.
May God Bless all of you over there and all of those poor people too. I
know he's watching over you.
Love you, MOM

Anonymous said...

Preach it brother!!! That is the truth if only we could grasp it. Each moment is a gift from God and for better or worse, we often forget to appreciate it. How often I have been told that time flies and it does. May we take time enjoy our relationships and treasure each other in our hearts, and even share with each other what a treasure they are to us. Well let me not pass up the opportunity to say we love you guys, and you are a treasure. Thanks for serving. We miss you Love, The Reyhls

shelbiemae said...

Greetings from Michigan!
Hey guess what team?!?! It is supposed to be in a 60s and 70s up here by the end of the week! I am pretty exited.
I just got back from a 4mi run and it was still a little chilly but I am looking forward to the warm up.
KRYSTLE! I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU AND THE BABY! It is the cutest thing ever! Someday I will hold baby's with you. (Well I guess I hold the baby at youth group but I just love holding baby's)
I am running out of clever things to say...Its hard to come up with things when I dont talk to you. Oh yeah my 'brothers' Anthony and Galen said they would bring Nina and I to go see the movie Bounty Hunter. We will see how that works out since they are not very strategic boys. I have a feeling if we go I will even be the one driving. But I guess that's how brothers are. LOL.
Kelly and Krystle I cant wait until you get back in the states. I miss you a lot and cant wait to hear from you. I hope we can plan something for next Monday, just to hang out, make cookies and watch a movie or something. I want to see all your pictures and hear your stories.
Be safe.
ps. I could use some prayer. I have been having a lot of trouble with confusion as graduation gets nearer.
Love you all!

Jake T said...

Greetings my people! So happy to hear about the people of C.C.C. Haiti filling and overflowing our church down there. When I read the latest blog posting I was filled with pride, I just felt so very proud of all of you who are laboring so diligently down there. When I got to the part about how well Devante did addressing the people I got a bit teary eyed. I love you all and will continue praying for you all until I see your beautiful faces safely back here in Michigan. God bless!

Anonymous said...

You've done great job posting for us. Felt like we were there with you, of course, all day Sun. Proud of Devante! How's Maura? Glad Germaine had youth service-sure he did fine job. Movie nite last nite must have been with full house. You're probably at Des Dunes today. Give out some extra hugs for me. Rick & K -all in GA. & we talked this AM. Delores & I talked last nite-should be about 70 degrees Sat. -50 today. Bob called this AM. & Lynn. Lots of love in this note for "Dad" & Jack.-& all of you. More later. MDJ. "The Lord hath done great things for us whereof we are glad."

shannon said...

Sounds like your all doing well and enjoying your time in Haiti. I just wanted to let you know I love to read the bolg and feel a little bit of what you all feel while in Haiti. take care and know I am praying for you all.

Anonymous said...

i wont to see some pictures of maura.
love, alexis

Anonymous said...

Hi Ray:
I hear that you are getting a lot of work done in the village you're in.
Time is running out though, but I'm sure that you have accomplished lots
to help the poor people there. We can't even begin to know the suffering
and sadness they endure. It's wonderful that you all can help them a
We have been having beautiful weather and it's suppose get to 70 Thursday
and Friday. Can't imagine how come the Lord has been so good to us.
My neighbors next door moved out and a young couple are moved in already.
It all happened yesterday.
Today they stripped down the house on the other side of the street and
it's ready to be moved.
See you soon.
The Lord Bless You and Keep you in his care. Blessings to your faithful

Gallo Family said...

Sounds like Robinson is one busy man... filling a church with that many! WOW..... It was amazing in Nov. I can't imagine how it felt to see that many people worship! It is a difference of that culture... wish we could have to time to fellowship the way that they do.... I guess we just need to make time more often for the important things like that! I laughed when you mentioned the 4:30 arrival... Jim was up and thought about you guys getting your wake-up call... and didn't know you really were getting one! :) Time has flown by as I'm sure you can agree! Take in all the culture you can, relax and enjoy your last bit of time! We will be welcoming you home with open arms to help you back to the fast pace of reality.... but first remember the reason for the season! Easter is yes this weekend in case you all forgot :) We love you and we continue to pray for you! Yes Dad Grandma sent you a message.... in case you didn't get that it was her :) Kelly and Krystle, I chatted with Shelbie on FB last night... she misses you guys tons.. Blessings out to you tonight. Alisa