Monday, March 29, 2010


I am sitting here, forced by lack to do nothing else. I am reflecting what that does to me. I need oil for the generator to run saws and water, but there is none available. I tried to have someone go get some yesterday while we were on the road. But we could not contact the person who knew what I meant when I said I needed 10-W-30 motor oil. Perhaps his battery was dead on his phone, maybe he had no time left on it and couldn’t purchase more minutes because he was out of money. What do I know of hardship? My body already wails for a real bed, the smell of clean sheets, air conditioning, my senses are starved, struggling with the depravation around me. I love this place and hate it all at the same time. Can it be this is some sensation of the God I serve? What must it be like for Him in His universe where the perfume of goodness, grace, and glory has been replaced with the sordid odors of corruption and decay coming from His beloved creation? Corruption foreign and alien to who He is. When will it be enough, His patience is so much more forbearing than mine. I don’t long for luxury in the same way I once did. But I do appreciate the semblance of cleanliness, freshness, order, and having enough. I think it burns within us because it reveals something of the heart of God. He is not at home in this filth, but His love is where His people are. His love permeates the stench; His joy renders the darkness with piercing light, shadows quiver, and then dissipate before the radiance of His presence. I know this because I have experienced it this week. As I sit here this morning contemplating my lot in life, and my growing love for this people, my perspective begins to clear; the fog begins to lift, like the dawn’s first light. I get to experience it early in Haiti because there are no blinds for the windows, for that matter there are no windows. You wake up early not because of an alarm clock, but because the light is so bright your mind tells you it’s time to get around for another day of life! When you get to the street, it is already loaded with activity. Time to go get some more work done. Time is ticking away on our final production day! Blessings.

P.S. Per your request, the little boys name is Matieus. He is being taken care of by Rob's family now. Robinson would like to keep him, but it has been left in Naromie's hands. He is a riot! You can see another picture of him with my dad on an earlier post.He is 2 years old.


shelbiemae said...

Okay I have a lot to say...I think. 1st of all Kelly I was in TC today looking for a job and that car you wanted is gone...just saying. And Krystle I actually walked in to the library today and it was the BIGGEST library I have ever seen. It was more like a museum. No joke. I am a small town girl.
I think I was a bit successful today with the job hunting. There was a high-scale jewelry store that said they would get back with me. SCORE! But I walked for like ever and my feet hurt. I think its only because I went on a 4mi run yesterday and am feeling it today.
GUESS WHAT!? Kelly and Krystle! I got you welcome back to Michigan presents.I couldn't help myself. =)
It was kind of funny I walked into this one store and was talking to the lady there, when she found out I would not work Sundays she handed me back my resume. I was like "Ummm okay that is my cue to go."
I had a revelation today! I was walking into a gas station and there was a sign that said 'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service' I started laughing. It never said anywhere on the sign that you needed pants to have service! I wonder how many ppl walk into the gas station with no pants? Probably not many but it made me laugh. Why would you exclude pants from the sign? Okay my funny moment is over.
I pray for safe travels for you as you depart tomorrow. I think its wonderful how productive you guys have all been on this trip. But I would be lying if I said I dident miss you!
Be safe.
Talk to you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

pator : please put our minds at ease who is the little boy in the pic w/ the tie also in robs family pic ty jim ,alisa&alexis

Gallo Family said...

The pictures are amazing! You all look like your having a ball! All healthy! (Thank God) Now comes the bitter sweet night.... Please give our love to all our loved one's in Haiti! We are praying for safe travels for you all... am I right by Robinson's Birthday is coming up? If so give him a big birthday Hug from all of us Gallo's!!! So excited to hear from you all! Enjoy your Miami meal! :) Chicken Ceasar Salad anyone! :) Love you all...... God Bless!

Jake T. said...

All of the words you post make me grateful for all I have in my life. I would like to think if all I had besides Christ was taken from me, I would still know I had enough just being in relationship with the King. I pray tonight for a second, third or maybe even a fourth wind for the entire team. May the winds of strength, courage, and change fill all of your sails to capacity and allow you to finish the good works you have started. God's blessings to you all, I love you all and can't wait to see your faces and pass out a round of hugs. I appreciate all you are doing! Finish strong team C.C.C.