Friday, March 12, 2010

Shifting Gears

A few days ago I posted a blog called gear shifter, now I reverse the words and gain a different meaning. It seems the 2" well is pretty well finished, but we have a pump problem. It's always something in Haiti. But we have a plan, and so does God. The guys are moving the rig and tooling for the 4" well in the morning. Steve is re-working the electrical at the property some, and we will see how it goes. They are going to get a start on the bigger well before they head back Sunday, and I will continue some when I get there in a couple of weeks. These missions are not for the faint of heart, every time I endeavor to do something in this country I am reminded of the fierce and desperate struggle these people face every day. By God's help, we will fight along side of them as they labor to overcome, and share whatever hope God allows along the way. Pray for continued success, for strength, for wisdom and insight, and patience for this incredible journey of love. Keep the guys in prayer as they finish out the last day and make the return trip home. It is always a trial coming back to the States from a trip like this. And I'm not talking about the feelings following your beautiful Caribbean island vacation! It's always a very mixed review leaving this county, for if you connect with these people, part of you will stay in Haiti. For out of the rubble and grime of this land, deep love and kindness spring up to forever embrace your heart. Thanks for all your help and support for Robinson and his ministry among his people. Great things are happening, but they are often obscured from view by the overwhelming force of desperation and decay that are so predominant across this scarred countryside. The hope that continues to flow in and through these people grows stronger. May the flood tide of blessings flow mighty and strong tonight! Blessings again!

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