Saturday, October 18, 2008


It is a beautiful morning in Haiti. Behind the walls of Robinson's house looking out and up, it is like just another part of the Carribean. But that wall masks a desperate city, for to step through it's gate is to step into another reality. The city streets, if you could call them that are horrific. The logging trails we traveled on last Saturday on the hayride were like awesome compared to what these are. But to be among the people is such an amazing experience. Not knowing any Creole has been difficult, but they are delighted when you say something at all. So the password is: you guessed it, Bonjour! Or translated means good morning.
I can't beleive the trip is already half over. In some ways it seems time has stood still, but now that we are getting in a groove, things are moving a bit faster. We played with children at the house a lot yesterday while Robinson was away. I even jumped rope with them, they were impressed, as was I. Didn't know these bones still had it in them.
Headed to the property to work in a few minutes. Hope to level the approach to the bathrooms and spruce up where the tent will sit. Looks to be another hot one. It's funny, I keep harrassing them, because they are saying it's hot. I'm like, what? Your Haitian and your hot, what chance do us Michiganders stand. Oh well I guess in all cultures we are prone to complain about the weather. We all share some things in common.
Robinson is here, time to run. Much to do. Keep us in your prayers. Pray for Don and Ramona as well. Times are harsh for them right now. Blessings to all. More later.

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