Friday, October 17, 2008


Tonight I stood and worshipped with at least 25 people in an area about the size of the church vestibule. As I was watching the faces and and watching them move around I was stunned by the fact nobody complained, they just kept singing, praying, and worshipping. Children stood for two hours! Not crying, just quiet. Of course during worship the kids get their workout! No TV, just energetic worship. And these kids are amazing. I am sick at the reason for their clarity. Starvation, sickness, death. Many without parents, without a home, not much hope but in God. Let us be careful lest God has to strip us so. May it never be. But let us rejoice, let us give thanks, for what we have.
We had rain during the service and it was funny to watch them adapt. The cool air was a welcomed releif while it lasted. It was a breif intermission. Did I mention it was hot down here?
Today was holiday in Haiti. Robinson went clear to Port only to find everything closed. We were bummed especially since we had called yesterday. That is Haiti for you. We are going to work at the property tomorrow. There is work there to do. The church is meeting up there tomorrow so we should be ready for the tent after that. We are hoping to get it Monday. As all will be closed for the weekend. We had a host of children today for the children's service. We made all the crafts we had, 108! You cannot imagine that many children in an 18' x 32' space. In America that simply couldn't happen.
We are getting a quick sandwich before bed. All the mundane tasks we take for granted in the States become a huge undertaking here. So much to say, but time eludes me. And I trying to keep the blogs short because I know in America you don't have time for a book everyday. God bless and have a good night. It is 10:00 p.m. I have noticed there is a discrepancy in the time I am posting and what is shows on the blog. Blessings!


lil sis said...

Love to you all tonight...give our hugs to Rob Rob and Naromi. We pray for a blessed day tommorow...much love from the Cincinnati clan...xoxoxoxo

Gallo Family said...

No blog is too long.... I look forward to sitting to read your blogs every day! Glad to hear things are going well.. I bet seeing all those kids sit and worship is pretty amazing! Boy could our kids learn a thing or two from them :) Look forward to hearing more on your visit with our Haiti Family. Love you all!