Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here is a young man I couldn't be prouder of. Sacrificial, hardworking, steadfast, pure, Godly, and Haitian. A man among his own people. He has become a great gift through which powerful ministry is taking place. His vision and character are delightful and uplifting. It's hard to believe almost 10 years have flown by that I have been able to be a part of this man's life. His love of his people and his country, as bad as they may seem, is beyond explanation. It is a wonder how God moved to cause our paths to cross, but He did, and we did. Hence a ministry was born, a work begun, and a path to follow has been given. At times the road seems dark and lonely, but Robinson has proven faithful even in the loneliest hours. He is a faithful shepherd to the sheep of his pasture, he lays down his life for them in challenging ways, and he has blessed our community is special ways on his visits to the United States.
On some levels it's hard to believe that God can do so much with an orphan boy, but heritage and lineage doesn't much matter to God, what he seeks is a willing and obedient heart. He found both in Robinson. It gives me such joy to be in Rob's presence. He thinks nothing of himself, and does whatever he can to minimize the suffering of his people. Even when it is at his expense. We in ministry here in TC have much to give God thanks for in opening this wonderful opportunity. We will seek hard to continue to further this labor of love on behalf of Robinson, and the host of missionaries who have paved a way before us. I pray we will carry our torch as bravely as this young man demonstrates on a daily basis. Christ counts on us, and gives us bright examples for patterns. Robinson is one of those who's example is pure and without guile. May God bless us that we might bless him. Keep him in your prayers, for such people are targets of the enemy of the soul. While he is quiet and unassuming, that does not exclude him from the dangers of his culture that is still full of very evil practices. May we bombard heaven on his behalf. Blessings.

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