Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can Opener

Just another quick reality check. Naromie just cut herself quite badly. Opening a can with a knife! We were horrified because in our bins that we brought was a brand new can opener. Just a reminder how good we have it and what we again take for granted! Will you please be specific today with me that everything we go to grasp, we give thanks to God for all. Coming to Haiti is a walk back in time, and I must confess, not all of it is good! Some things are appealing but most leaves me shuddering. The good ole days they say, well, how about the hazardous ole days? OSHA would be so overwhelmed here, it would take them years to get all the forms here they would need to start writing their fines and citations. They would be bringing in shiploads, and then some! Ha! They would go on 24 hour shifts, and have to spend on average probably a couple of months at one location, minimum!
Robinson pulls his battery every night, and puts it back in every morning. He has two wrenches in his truck, a 5/8 and a 13mm. The 13mm is close but does not go on the bolt, so he wrestles until it is tight. These people are really good at getting by! We by comparison, travel on a four-lane highway, when you have to struggle a little today, its nothing! You can do this thing called life. You are blessed, and so am I. Philippians 4:8
May God be Praised!

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