Thursday, October 23, 2008


The final leg of our journey has commenced. Landed in Detroit at 10:00 p.m. We have made it to a hotel around Lansing. Weary travelers could not find a room. I felt for Joseph and Mary. For a tight economy, everything was sold out tonight. It is now 1:30 in the morning. Everyone is freezing. Last night we were all sweated wet laying on our mattresses waiting for sleep to come and deliver us from our misery. Tonight, the cold envelopes us and we shiver. One difference, I can now control the climate, I am back in America. I have turned up the thermostat. We had our only meal of the day at the Miami airport at a "Chili's" restaurant. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. We might try for some steak tomorrow, we are a little protein deprived! But all in all we did very well. The kids are happy to be in Michigan, but yes Alisa, it is bittersweet. Thank you all for your prayers, we discovered as we talked late into the night last night with Robinson, even more good was accomplished than we had first thought.
Check in with the blog over the next few days as I will be adding some other thoughts. My posts will not be quite as frequent as I engage again in all my State side demands, but I mean to finish some other thoughts I have had. I have held myself accountable and so have your comments. Getting thoughts down has been good for me, and helped me work through aspects of this experience that will change my family, and sharpen our focus of ministry in St. Marc. I look forward to sharing with you for there is much that I have not been able to post, and there are pictures that no amount of words could ever fully describe. I also mean to post some of them when I get 'picture posting' figured out! Good-night to all! Rob sends his love!

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