Sunday, October 26, 2008


Communication is a key ingredient to the Haiti culture. It is amazing the skills they embrace that keep them in touch with one another. We in our culture are pushing each other toward independence and isolation. They on the other hand seem to draw toward one another and be able to communicate in unseen ways. Take for instance the nuisance of touch. I noticed that they do not tend well toward affectionate touch, but they use touch as a unique tool and part of their language communication. Simple taps on the arm, or on the leg seem to transmit thoughts and sentiments about a circumstance. What seemed at times like a violent gesture was just a way of delivering a facet of some story or fact to the other person. They are a close culture, even when they suffer disconnect in a relationship with one another, they still work to keep communication open with that person. They work much harder than we do with one another. It gave me pause as I reflected on this. It seems their impoverished society makes up for their lack of food physically by making sure ones soul is fed. It made me stop and wonder how the climate of our overstuffed culture may just be reacting to a different kind of hunger that we seem fixed on ignoring. The hunger for satisfying relationship. My word of advice, don't let us take one another for granted. Friends don't let friends walk away without a fight. Solid and healthy friendships are good medicine for your soul. God never meant for man to live alone. Remember it was His idea to create Eve. Our relationships are never to be a substitute for God, but stepping stones to understanding Him better. God is a relational being, it seems our society is bent on defying that truth, and as such, is deftly carving out our very soul and connection to His creation; the people He has placed around us. I implore you to strip away all tendency's toward isolation, be involved with people, no matter the risk, you will never be sorry. Maybe sorrowful, but never sorry. Blessing til the next post.

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