Thursday, October 23, 2008


Someone made the comment that the Haitians are a lazy people. I am not sure where that comes from. Having worked with Rob and now having been in the country and watched this culture. I must say I believe that is wrong. People here have not had to deal with the desolation and long term loss these people have endured. Plus the level of starvation and brainwashing that has occurred on top of that. The second night we were there a man brought the large generator, probably 150 lbs to the parsonage from the church downtown. Probably took him a good 30-45 minutes, and when he arrived, they settled on a price of $7.00 dollars Haitian. That would be $1.00 dollar American. Before you respond, I must suggest you read the "Streets" post again. Not only did he push that wheelbarrow all that way, he dodged motorcycle taxi's, breathed the dust thrown up by buses and trucks and vehicles, he trudged and sweated through unbearable heat, he pushed his cargo up and down the craggy roads and over rocks and concrete, and through the mud. All while being starving hungry. All for one American dollar. We would have been to the labor board to complain, we would have quit. No, I don't see these people as lazy. Deprived, desolate, and steeped in darkness yes; lazy? I don't believe so. There may be some lazy Haitians, but then I know a few lazy Americans as well, I wouldn't want our culture branded by the lazy few. I am grateful for fresh, clean air. I am grateful for 24 hour electricity, I am thankful for a full belly, I am thankful for heat, and showers, and flushing toilets, for mirrors, and towels, and pillows. I am thankful on so many more levels than I was a week ago. I know that has been a running theme here on my blogs this week, but then as I was checking scripture, I found it was a running theme there as well. Life at best is brief, seize all you can of relationships, be filled with thankfulness, point your eyes heavenward, and give God thanks today! Blessings once again.

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