Wednesday, October 29, 2008


One of the amazing cultural nuances that I noticed, and have been reflecting on as I have been looking back at the pictures that we took on the trip is the difference in the way men and woman are viewed in a culture. I still contend that American's are blessed in how we as a society have grown in our understanding of how men and women are equally endowed with rights. In third world cultures there is still an awful repression of women and their rights. By comparison, our culture has grown significantly. But enough of positional definition, and on with the story. Having my family with me was a blessing on several levels but one that was delightful was uncovered in our walks on the city streets. As Robinson and I would be out and walking to do something, life around us was pretty routine. Other than the occasional 'Bonjour', I was just another walking 'man' in the culture. But when Beth or the kids were with us, the tenor of the atmosphere changed. I would watch in amazement as quiet women and children hiding behind the walls of their houses and gates would suddenly burst out with excited chatter and smiles. They bustled to the gates and street edges and rooftops for a glance at, or gentle word shared by my wife and children. I realized that great doors of opportunity await all who are willing to go and minister to this country. Since our return, Robinson has continue to share the stories from men, woman and children alike who received hugs and blessings from my family. It was astounding and very rewarding for Beth and the Kids. I again am so very thankful for the opportunity that this trip afforded my family. I am not the only one changed as a result of this trip, my whole family wears the fruit of our outreach among the downtrodden of St. Marc, and a new appreciation of the blessings we enjoy every day here in America. God knew what He was doing when He created Eve for Adam, Eve accomplishes things us Adam's just simply cannot. I for one am grateful for my Eve, and for the joy we were able to share together in this journey. Blessing once again.

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Gallo Family said...

I sit here reading your blog and realize how greatful I am. Both girls have the flu, yet I'm thankful that I have the ability to care for them. we are able to go the store and get what we need to help them feel better. So I look at this time that I have had to hold hair back, rub backs and wipe faces a little differently. Don't get me wrong I'd rather them not be sick..... but I have been given the time to slow down and be mom and take care of my babies.... Seeing the glow in Beth's face in this picture is so wonderful! You can tell she was in her glory touching these wonderful people! Love and blessings to you all!