Friday, October 10, 2008


Update on the tent delivery. Spoke to the shipping company this afternoon and the ship left today, two days late. They are working on expediting the process once in Port Au Prince. We should have the paperwork via email, bill of lading and necessary pickup information for expedited delivery on Monday. Robinson is making a call to Emmargolda, the port warehouse handling the tent when it arrives in Port. Hopefully we could have the tent by Friday or Saturday at the latest. This would still be passable because there is preparatory work that will need to be done at the property for the installation of the tent.
I mention this because this is a prayer matter for you to be praying about through this week even when we leave. God will have to intervene. The Haitian government is not the most efficient, but then again what government is? We need the port customs agent to give us a break, and not cost us a lot of money, so be praying in earnest.
It looks like Pastor Doyle will be speaking Sunday morning to the CCC Haiti congregation and doing a ordination service Sunday afternoon. Beth will be teaching children's classes along with other instruction on the 'Hand Bells' and 'Flannel Graphs' we sent it a year or two ago. There are many little tasks we need to accomplish as well, so be praying for strengh and safety as we work and minister.
That's all for now. God bless and thank you for your prayers.

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