Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pack, Pack, Pack

Will it never end? One great thing about heaven will be no changing clothes. One outfit only! Everything we need for a week must fit in our carry-on. The bins are full of all the supplies for our CCC family for a few more months. Craft supplies, medicine, toys, treats, clothes, shoes, food, equipment, everything but the kitchen sink, literally! It looks like we will have 10 bins to navigate through customs. We have spent the evening shuffling, weighing, re-shuffling. Each bin must weigh under 50 lbs. We are getting close, beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Few more supplies to get tomorrow, finish a couple of jobs, and that will be it until we return.
We are tired, but God continues to help us with the task at hand. We are set to hit the hay for today. Had a great church service this morning, and much accomplished this afternoon and evening. Even when we have been so sore from Octaball at the CCC fall festival yesterday. Krystle is still walking like a grandma! (What a great game, everyone enjoyed it so much.)
Robinson is so happy we are coming. We talked to him a couple of times today to finalize more arrangements. They are so ready for us to be there. We are praying this is now the first of many trips to serve our CCC family. Someone mentioned to me they would like to see a spring break trip. Having a base of operations on the property now will open up alot more opportunities for more people to travel and serve. And I am excited about that!
Bedtime is upon me, weariness besets my frame. So off to bed I go. Tomorrow will be here on swift wings. Thanks for following our blog. Good night!

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