Thursday, October 16, 2008


What a day. We are so blessed at home. But I must tell you my kids are making me proud. It's at moments like these a dad gets to reflect and wonder how I did what I did and be glad! It is sweltering hot. Let me tell you, this is just Haiti, not Hades, we don't want to go there! We have never drank so much in a day. But thank God we can buy water and Pepsi, although I bought all the Pepsi they had today and am waiting hoping more comes in tomorrow. You just cannot get your hands around how blessed we are in America. I think I will throw a tantrum the next time I complain. Please slap me! And silly at that. We are a bless nation. We may not be for long, but we are now. People just think they have it bad. I have passed so many starving children today I feel my heart will bleed forever. What can we do, but one at a time, we make a difference.
The lady from Gonaives who's husband was killed in Hurricane Ike and who we sent money to buy her clothes and food for her and her son sang in the service tonight. What a blessing she is in her sorrow. What character and calm in such tumult. And while I am mentioning the service, for all you who think you know how to get down, forget it. You don't stand a chance against our CCC family in Haiti! I think I may be a little hearing impaired for the rest of my life as I was in from of the drummers. Pat, it made me thankful for a drummer cage!
Naromie is really sick, we have the medicine here just in time. Pray for her quick recovery. She is a true blessing for Robinson and we love her dearly already. We are all doing well, even without electricity. We discovered late today that we do have running water again. So thankful for even the smallest of blessings! Rob and I are sitting here in a internet service provider. What a trip. What a perspective changer.
He is heading to Port early in the A.M. (4:00-5:00) Pray for a safe trip and that all goes well in customs. We probably won't have the tent til the first of the week, but it's in God's hands. The property is wonderful, and it will be very exciting to have it up and working for our CCC family.
One last thing. We had a children's service at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. We were a little reluctant that many kid's would not show up. It went for 2 hours and I stopped counting at 60 kids. It was awesome, in many ways! Got to get back to the house, love to all, and be blessed! Well, you already are! Enjoy it for me! Later.

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lil sis said...

So glad to hear that you have lots to drink and running water. We are praying for Naromie....I know that Bethie will nurse her back to health quickly. She's a great "nurse".:) I think it's hereditary!
Yes - we are blessed....very blessed. Can't wait to see pics when you get home and hear all of the awesome stories. I'm proud of you guys. Love and prayers....we're carrying you close to our hearts.