Friday, October 17, 2008


Thousands of miles from home, different climate, different culture, almost different world, and suddenly a beautiful lime green dragonfly darts into the front porch. He's been here all morning- perhaps the healthiest thing I've seen yet. Guess the bug life thrives even in this striken land. People keep coming to the house sick, hungry, and yet you wouldn't know it by their faces. They are a happy people, their joy comes from their hearts, not their circumstances. Like the darting dragonfly, they dash in and out, and I get to admire the beauty of their spirits, a dazzling display. Robinson does not return here from America for the harshness of the land, but for the joy of these people. We as Americans have much to glean from them! The drive of our materialism has robbed us of our joy. There is nothing wrong with things until they get between God and us. May God forgive us, free us again to fly. Like the beautiful dragonfly, may we rediscover the beauty of being clothed in the joy of the Lord.

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Nancy said...

Dear Bergs, We are so happy you arrived in Haiti safely. Send pictures if possible of home where you are staying, surroundings, children. Love, The Gerhards