Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One of the fun things we have been able to do while here in Haiti is take pictures. The camera seems to be called forth very often. I wear it on my hip when we are out. The crazy thing is, these people love to have their picture taken. And when we show them their picture on the digital display, they go wild. They laugh and carry on in the most hilarious fashion. It’s like you told them the best joke ever. I love to hear them laugh. It seems for a moment they get to leave the misery of their existence, and in that freedom, they really are bright stars. We will have loads of pictures when we come home tomorrow. It should be entertaining for everyone. It seems there are a few English words they all know, and one of them is photograph. Maybe it’s one of those words that is universal in every language. I’ll have to check that out. The question I have been asked most often while here is: “Pastor, photograph?” Robinson told me if I kept at it, it seems I would never be able to move from place to place.
Rob just called on the phone from Port, and said that the container that the tent is in has not been off loaded from the ship. Yikes, 7 days that ship has been in Port and the container has not been taken off. If that happened in America, someone would lose their job. Maybe I don’t understand sea cargo. But they told me it would be off the ship within two days. Robinson has worked really hard to get it done, but they can’t inspect what they cannot see. So I guess I am going to be returning sooner than I wanted. I am not sure of God’s plan, but I know that He has one. I have often considered shipping via ocean because I have heard it is cheaper, the price of the tent included shipping and it seemed fair enough. But you cannot count on it for timing in anyway, shape, or form. So now we will wait for Robinson to get here, maybe run up to the mountain. I need to go back to the property for some last minute calculations and lay some groundwork for a couple of things I will need ready when I return. That trip will have to be a fast one.
I am thankful for the experience this time; we have broadened our understanding of travel for a mission adventure. And the groundwork that needs to be laid to be able to get stuff done when you would bring a group of people. I know many of you have expressed interest in coming to visit and work. I must tell you it is no small feat. But it is fairly safe here, and we are well received. Hanging with the right people is absolutely critical if you don’t know the language and the people. They are very sharp in taking advantage of the unprepared, and the unknowing. But then if you had a starving family at home, and you weren’t a Christian, what might you do? Blessings.

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