Friday, October 24, 2008


I made mention in one of my former posts, I believe it was 'Photographs', about crossover words in languages that are about the same, and mean the same. Well, here's one of those words. I heard this word called out a lot while on the streets and alleys of St. Marc. And the response was the same as in the US. A driver, or drivers showed up in force to get your business, and to take you- only you- where you needed to go. You see, when you call for a taxi in Haiti, you don't get a full sized yellow car with a trunk for your luggage. No, you get a 50-75 cc scooter with an added seat on the back. The most remarkable sites are some of those viewed of the riders on the back of a taxi. Take for instance the picture attached to this post. My favorite though is the young school girls or ladies in their dresses sitting sideways on that seat, both legs dangling on the same side of the scooter, just like women used to ride horses in the old days. I don't know how they stay on because they don't hang on. As they sit perched on that seat, their bodies seem to just flow up and down, back and forth as the driver navigates the craggy roads and rock, pedestrians, and vehicles. And to top it all off, to see them sitting there nonchalantly talking on a cell phone. It's unbelievable. Only a woman could do that. It's hilarious. The men faced forward, and held on for dear life! Rob did tell me that there are accidents, and some do fall off, but that doesn't stop the practice. I guess in every culture the woman always seem to find a way to get it done. Got to laugh, it's true! Blessings for now.

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