Friday, October 17, 2008


I had such a nice time last night reading your comments to Robinson at the Internet store as I was posting my new blog. He was so delighted to see the pictures of Payton, Alexis, and Emily. I just wanted to thank everyone for your kind and thoughtful words. It is such an encouragement when you feel so far from home.
We had some releif from the heat last night. It got a little cooler and we all rested better. I had a blistering headache for the better part of the day yesterday. We sleep outside at night because the house is just to hot. With no fans you just kind of bake. Did I mention that we are really blessed back home. I think that has kind of been a running theme to my posts. Sorry to be so repetitive, but some things need to be pounded into our sorry way of thinking. We are one of a hardheaded lot you know. We are having a wonderful time with the people. Praying all goes well for Robrob in port this morning. We NEED this tent here now. Blessings to all, have a great day!

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popsmdj said...

Hi Kids, Just read "Comments" -Tell Rob & N. we love them & wish we were there to help. Would love to take care of & spoil her. Tent a priority on our hearts -many praying. 33 here this AM. Beautiful trees! Glad you slept more. Take Quinine today!!!Made your call,Kelly. Know you are Mom's right hand there too, Krystle. Lots of love to all.Popsmdj XXXXXOOOOO1Pet.5:7