Saturday, October 18, 2008


What a day. Weariness besets us. But it's a good feeling. We had over 100 children for our service this afternoon. It is amazing how they come out of the woodwork all dolled up and ready to go. The craft time has proven to be a bit more complex than first thought, but then again we were not figuring that we would pack the place out every day.
We had a party night here at the house tonight and Robinson borrowed a little generator to do a couple of movies. Several children from the neighborhood showed up and we fed 19 people grilled cheese sandwiches and shared some popcorn. They watched "Nims Island" and "Knights of the South Bronx". We had a few others stop by as I finished my work for Robinson's ordination in the morning. Now the generator is off and so is the power to the city. Rob and I were out walking to the market and picking up a truck from the mechanic. We were walking past a restaurant with music blaring and people chattering, and suddenly it was dark and quiet instantly. It was weird and funny all at the same time. Open for business one minute and closed by the government the next. For all you who think government can fix things, beware! Time for bed, praying for the service back home in the morning. Pray for us in return. A special shout out to all our followers. We are so enjoying your comments. We all huddled together tonight and I read them out loud. Great encouragement and laughs as well. Blessings to all. Goodnight.


mjanaib said...

I miss you guys sooooo much!!!! Tell Robinson he can only share you and must return you soon:-) I am so glad you started this blog dad... what a great idea.... when do we start planning your return trip to Haiti when we all can come and fellowship? Tell mom I send my love and Kelly and Krystle too!!! I do think Krystle needs to have a picture with a lizard in it just so we can see it back home!!!! Kelly do you think you can arrainge a suprise attack? (forgive me Krystle:-) You must send our love to all our brothers and sisters.... as we pray for them and uplift them... though we may not endure even a tenth of the trials they go through each day let them know they are never alone and are held dear so much to our heart. Tell them Dad! Tell the church how they have all come to hold such a special place in each of our hearts and though thousands of miles may seperate we love them and cherish the blessing of being part of their lives in a million ways they or we might not even realize. Keep blogging.... and Robinson you are in charge of a very special treasure so take good care of them for me!
Naromie, my sister! Thank you so much for all the hard work you did on the laundry and all you do to help keep the boys and men in your home staying strong!!! Robinson is so blessed to have such a woman and we are very thankful you are part of our family too!
I love you all so much!

Gallo Family said...

Love from Payton and Alexis.... I sat here and read to them all your blogs...they really enjoyed each one of them...... I wish we could strip some of our material i type this i realize there is still time.... I am so thankful I have this to help them see how good they have it! we will be praying that the arrival of the tent goes well! tell all we love them and you too :) can't wait to see pictures I hope your taking alot :) Love you all, from us Gallo Girls

Greg Gerhard said...

We found your blog and enjoy reading it. We are keeping you all in our prayers and love you all. Give Kimberlie Simon a hug and kiss from us and ask her to study well:) Mary