Monday, October 20, 2008


'O ye of little faith' Jesus said. It seems there is one more chance to get the tent. Robinson did alot of paperwork in Port today and an inspector is to look at the package tomorrow morning. If the price is right and they actually do what they say, we have a driver on standby to go to Port and get the tent, we will take the generator to the property and work tomorrow night to get it set up and hit the road Wednesday a.m. to get back to the States. We will see, I am trying to be hopeful, but I have learned more about this country this week, and they could just as well not show up in the morning. Pray once again. We will see.
Rob and I made a trip around the city tonight and saw the small groups meeting. It is incredible the commitment of these people. Through suffering and sickness and heat and poverty, they sing and pray and lift their voices in praise. May God help us to grow in such healthy ways. While we were out, Beth and Krystle fed the multitudes, I think the final count was 26 tonight! What a time. As I type the house is full with children and adults watching "Racing Stripes" by generator power. As soon as school was out the house filled with people. Its a wonder to behold. Need to run, praying for all, especially Don and Ramona. Blessings until tomorrow. My data on the phone has quit working, so has slowed the blogging a bit.


Germaine&NIche said...

Thank you for your blogs and updates. It's amazing to hear about God working a whole country away!! We were out of town this weekend and kept bits and pieces of your blogs in my heart. It changes your persepective on things here in america. We want to tell robrob congrats on the ordination. God is good. Whether the tent makes it or not this trip was not in vain. It's brought many closer to our brothers and sisters in Haiti, a clearer understanding through your words of their struggles. God's timing is never off. Through all of my "American" struggles it is nothing compared to the whole of the situation of our world. I'm glad to hear the children are in school despite the hardships they face. that in itself says alot about the character of the Haitian people.

popsmdj said...

Dear Ones,-bummed at first about tent, but will be praying thruout nite -so will G. Marie. -He knows in detail & is working mightily.-"For the eyes of the Lord go to & fro thruout the whole earth to show Himself strong in behalf of those whose heart is perfect toward Him." -He has you all sheltered neath His wings. -Love & goodnite-Dad & Mom P. XXXXOOOO