Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We are at Port au Prince, back at the airport. Robinson walked us all the way to the passenger area, he was allowed there because he carries a passport and visa. It was nice. Then he bade us a quick good-bye. It's hard to walk away from here. Something within you cries unfair. Why do I get to walk away and they have to stay? He is such a great man, and such a deserving person, yet I go and he stays. Again let me remind you to never take for granted your place in life. You are here for a reason, and whatever your lot, you are no different than anyone else, because places could be switched, and you would be there, and he here. We are blessed, but with blessings come great responsibility. Let us do whatever we can to lighten the load of the suffering, to take our blessings and pass them on. I weep for these people, sadness engulfs me, sin is so deliberate in it's path of destruction. Yet we have the chance to bring God's hope to a people who need our enouragement, love, and support. What a worthy endeavor. I am tired, but a good tired. It is good to pour ones self out in such a fashion. I will be restored, my heart takes courage, and I can hardly wait to return. Blessings.

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