Sunday, October 19, 2008


This post will be short tonight. The cell data network is blocked for some reason today. Couple of quick notes, Don I did get the text and we are heartbroken for Ramona and her loss. You both are in our prayers.
It was a busy day today, much to do and get accomplished, will hopefully be able to fill in some gaps tomorrow, depending on the data coverage in the A.M. Robinson is headed for Port early to work on getting the tent. That has been a bit of a bummer that he has been gone for two of the seven days we have been here. But we have still been able to get alot done.
Robinson is now ordained. What an awesome service. The people are warming to us faster and faster now. I was not able to connect with them like this my last trip in. Given out many hugs and kisses to the children. They now come running for the touch of the white people. What a joy they are.
They had the feast today, and ladies you would be impressed, for $300.00 American, we bought the food and they cooked up a storm. The meal was passed out in styrofoam takehome cartons. You just would not beleive it. There were many pastors there, and they all received a special meal. It was awesome.
We entertained all afternoon and I spoke again tonight. Beth, Krystle and I sang along with several of their groups. We have got to record the men, they were outstanding. Even though I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying, they can sing! I admonished the people to stand behind Robinson, I didn't tell him what I was going to do, and God laid it on my heart just a couple of hours before the service. But it went well. They have had a couple of issues and I was able to address them directly, and God used it to really shore up Robinson's ministry here in St. Marc. The people took it really well. And I think cleared the air on how we are supporting them and how that will look in the future. This has been a great trip. Just need the tent. So pray, pray, pray. And if you know someone working at Port and can pull some strings, give them a call. Just kidding.
Love to all, and blessings as well. We miss you but are rejoicing in the work God is doing here. Both the kids have said we need to bring the whole church. It would do you good. But in the meantime, I will give you all the details I can.

P.S. Kelly and these boys are a stitch. I have never heard him laugh so much in my life. And they communicate with each other in a language all there own. We bring a little button on a string game for the children, and the boys have gotten bottle caps and turned them into war buttons and try to saw the other persons string. It's a gas, leave it to boys! Good night.

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popsmdj said...

Dear Kids -our comment failed earlier-hope Rob got the tent & you've been having a profitable & great day..all cooperating for Don& anxious to read your next post..praying you'll get the most imp't things done before you come -miss you all lots..doing all the jobs you gave me, BJo. Girls leaving 9:30AM. -be here 2:45Hugs for all of you &Rob&N. Love, Dad & MomP.