Thursday, October 9, 2008

Getting Ready

Greetings all. I have started a blogspot that I will attempt to update every other day or so. If it turns out I have the luxury and time, I will try to update every day, but on such a short trip this may not be feasible. We just got off the phone with Robinson and he is very excited about our arrival. There is still much to do, and time is running thin. Pray that all comes together in the few days we have left.
We have eight bins of supplies ready, including our CCC Christmas list of goods. I am checking on the tent tomorrow. Beth and Krystle are packing our personal effects and we only have our backpacks to put it in. Pray it all fits!
God has provided much in order for this trip to come together. I continue to marvel at His great faithfulness. We are surrounded by so many great and wonderful people and we are grateful for all you have done in making this ministry in Haiti possible. We look forward to a great week in this struggling country, and God doing great things for our CCC family there. We are certain we will have wonderful things to share upon our return. God bless you all, and thanks for sharing this journey with us.

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shannon said...

I will be parying for all of you.I trust everything will be good.

love you guys!!!! shannon